Elizabeth Kowalski


Elizabeth is an accomplished performer, teacher, and composer having played the piano for 23 years and the flute for 16 years.  

As a teacher, she strives to give her students the best opportunities to learn through lessons and performance opportunities. Elizabeth is well-versed in performing and writing/arranging in contemporary, classical, jazz, Latin, rock, or pop styles of music.

As a creator of music for concerts, film, & dance, she has a passion for creating electro-acoustic music paired with visual art. The influence of folk, jazz, and pop music from various areas of the world can also be heard in her music. Recently, "Moon Garden" received a national award in the MTNA Composition Competition. In May 2012, Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire won the national Dance Magazine Award and was performed at the Kennedy Center, Washington D.C.

Elizabeth is also the Founder and Executive Artistic Director for the international Charlotte New Music Festival which is held annually during the month of June. The festival is home to the Max/MSP Workshop (interactive electronics & music), Composers Workshop, and Dance Co-Lab.

Please feel free to contact Elizabeth for more information or just to say hello!


Masters in Music from the University of North Carolina - Greensboro
B.A. (piano & flute) from the University of North Carolina - Charlotte

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